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Cappadocia Tour (Oct 2024)

I will be co-leading a tour to Cappadocia October 9–12, 2024. Please consider joining.

Most tours of Cappadocia are just 1-2 days long—just enough time for some great selfies, but no substance. This group, however, will spend a full four days and five nights in Cappadocia. The extended time allows you to fully appreciate Cappadocia’s beautiful terrain and rich history.

Here is the tentative plan:

  • Oct 9—Avanos pottery making, monk cells in Zelve and Paşabağı, Ürgüp

  • Oct 10—Keşlik Monastery, Soğanlı Valley, Kaymakli Underground City, Uçhisar wine shop and rock castle. 

  • Oct 11—Red Church, Guzelyurt, Guzelyurt, Ihlara Valley tour, Selime castle

  • Oct 12—Göreme Open Air Museum, Göreme town, Red Valley hike to churches

The custom itinerary maximizes our exposure to the best of Cappadocian history, natural beauty, and modern Turkey. For example, the schedule was crafted so each day we will enjoy the sunset from a scenic location in Cappadocia. The trip has a pilgrimage element, so it will focus on the Cappadocian Fathers and ancient monasticism. I will be co-leading this trip with Dr. Dan and Rev. Judie Ritchie, making our time rich in content.

I look forward to the trip and invite you to join us. You can join the entire trip (Oct 7–19) to also visit Ephesus and Patmos, or just the Cappadocia section. To learn more, email Dan Ritchie (

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10 ene

Hi Dan

very interested in this trip. I have a few questions.

at PaşabahçI will we able to access St Simion’s cell. It’s currently locked.

At Soganli St Barbara’s is closed for restoration. Do you think it will be open in Oct?

Oct 11 Ihlara looks a very full day. A hell of a lot to cover here. Any detail on what we plan to cover?

no chance of seeing 40 Martyrs at Sahineffendi?

I’m living in Uchisar so the second part of Oct 10 and maybe Oct 12 might not be too useful for me, although getting your and Judies imput on these familiar sites would be good.



Me gusta
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